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Siberian Exile

In the faraway land, among icebound rivers
Where even a teardrop can freeze
Like rapid torrent I chase the longing
And my thoughts are in a whirl...
I have before my eyes the day of farewell,
Our glances need no words
My mind's full of sorrow and parting pain
And this fear, that I won't see you anymore
Spring is already bloomed
And I still see him in my dreams,
Maybe the unkown tracks lead him
To the places where fear is creeping up.
If one day I spot him by the window
I'll go out to meet him,
There's no better medicine for longing,
Than touch of athirst arms.
I wanna come back there,
Where you are,
Where our home is,
Where our dreams are,
I wanna saddle up the wind
And run so fast
I wanna come back, come back there!
Come back here
To these flowery meadows,
Where you will find your
familiar place,
familiar days,
familiar time,
so come back, come back here!
Raw land behind the window,
Hostile and strange among snowdrifts,
How to clench the plight in a fist,
To survive this time of separation.
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