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You drive me crazy

I've became a noqtambulo¹ for you
With the only hope to find you somewhere out there
The adrenaline contaminates you
You've a lake that I love and fascinates me
Yeah, yeahh...
Thirsty of a night that I might steal to you
And I go out enthusiastic
Hitting from a side to another [side]
Searching, wanting to find you.
Seeing you at the distance I start to hallucinate
I breathe your fragrance
I got charmed,immobilized
And I start to think...
That you drive me crazy
You drive me crazy
Waking up in the warm
From your seductive body
With the illusion
That has me desperate.
How to pull up this obsession
That makes vibrate my heart
By this way that got me excited.
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¹ insomniac


Tú Me Vuelves Loco

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