Jad Khalife - Ta3a ya 7abibi ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Come my love

Come my love, take me and go.
My heart is wounded from passion, I've had enough.
What has changed your heart say,is it possible that you forgot me, where are you, not talking to me....
The eyes that dont love you crazily do not deserve to be eyes
Dont leave me alone,I love you
After you I can't hear I can't see, I can't pronounce letters, I'll forget myself but not you
It's not nice from you when you're not near me and holding me.
Come on,come back,come back my love
No body has loved you like I have, no body will be jealous as much as me, me my love
I loved you a great love, and you were harsh on me
No no dont be harsh on me my love.
I miss you, I want to talk you, I don't think of any but you, I want to see you near me my love.
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Ta3a ya 7abibi

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