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Tradução para Inglês

Teuvo, The King of the Public Roads

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The hometown street was a gritty road
On it Anglia got turned on its roof
Probably the traffic sign still stands tilted
That once was bent due to a navigational error
After flying through the windscreen from the front seat
I had tumbled along the shoulder of the road
Spitting my teeth in the ditch
I threw up blood and cried
In this face even a scar would count as a beautification
And the teeth can be fixed anew
But my driver's license and the plates of the Anglia were taken by the police
It makes pursuing my hobby difficult
I dream of becoming a rally driver
It's no use of mothers to give advice to heroic boys
You can't win a rally if you are afraid
After the finish line we will celebrate the winner, our boy Teuvo
When searching for a car for the weekend
I borrowed the neighbour's Sierra
When I crashed into a truck on the expressway
I probably crashed for the last time
Teuvo, take us for a ride
Teuvo, your Anglia got sold
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Teuvo, Maanteiden Kuningas

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