Think twice

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Meanings of "Think twice"


Reconsider an action

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"Think twice" em letras

KAZKA - CRY (English Version)

What do you see?
Can you speak will I be saved?
My hearts on ice can't think twice
Tell me, why, oh, why?


Think twice
Cuz I can’t act nice like everyone else

NF - Remember This!

I look at the world from a different angle
People change; even Satan used to be an angel
Think twice before you're bitin' on the hand that made you
Don't believe what you believe just 'cause that's how they raised you


You can see the billions, better call a banker

Think twice
'cos I don't pretend to be nice

Mylène Farmer - Don't Forget

My memory that returns late
I'm thinking of you
Don’t you think twice
It’s lost, but now I finally know

IZA - Owner Of Myself

I've already lost myself trying to find me
I've already run away wanting to get back
I think twice before I say something
Because life's crazy, dude


Think twice
I don't pretend to play nice like others

NF - If You Want Love

[Verse Three - ]
The older I get, I feel like I'm always trying to save time
Talkin' to the voices in my head, they make me think twice
Tellin' me it doesn't mean it's wrong because it feels right

PSY - Daddy

I feel nice, you look nice
Once I saw you, oh my God, I became lucky
Don’t think twice
The game’s already over

Utada Hikaru - Don’t Think Twice

Everything is just right
But if you’re gonna think twice, baby
I don’t wanna know, baby, I don’t wanna know

Rockit Gaming - Roll or Die (Cuphead Boss Rap)

[King Dice]
You better think twice
Before you roll the die

Vasilis Dimas - Μy Heart Breaks

don't you ever go to anyone else, love only me
tell him to erase what he felt about you,to let you go
and come here, don't even think twice about it

Bakermat - Learn to Lose

It's game time
So let's do something special, make the headlines
I'm goin' for the gold and I won't think twice
'Cause I'm not scared of failing no more, no

AViVA (Australia) - Blame It On The Kids

[Verse 1]
Home in bed or out at night
Don't think twice, just don't think twice
Make a choice, one you won't regret

Jannat - Make me live longer

What else to think about when I'm with you?
Take me with you, wherever you go...
I won't think twice
Take me, take my heart, and run away with it

John Mayer - New Light

Pushing 40 in the friend zone
We talk and then you walk away every day
Oh, you don't think twice 'bout me
And maybe you're right to doubt me, but

Nico Collins - Hate me

I’ll take one final step
All you have to do is make me
If you ever walk away I won’t think twice
I’ll go bye bye bye

Miri Mesika - I fear on you/ I worry about you

I worry about you
That you might caught up daydreaming (again)
And forget to put out the fire (from the stove), and from all the love/cooking, that you put on the stove, you won't think twice, for the sake of both of us

Max Gazzè - Under the House

It doesn't matter what you believe about this movement
But I warn you that if I were in your shoes
I wouldn't think twice
given the imminent second coming of Jesus,

Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

You could have done better but I don't mind
You just kinda wasted my precious time
But don't think twice, it's all right