Tiempos de furia ( Tradução para Inglês)

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Times of Fury

Violence to make me laugh,
No one would stop me,
I came disposed to fight,
Nothing can stop me now,
Fury for my pleasure...
Blood boiling on the streets,
Fists that shine and burn,
In the silence of faith the power feeds,
Run without looking back...
Fury injecting the pleasure,
The dogs will howl,
Rage!, what I want is to fight!
Come here!...
Fists closed while watching,
Eyes open while dying,
it's about time,
Fury will consume us...
Die an instant, now!,
Die an instant,
die without bursting, now!
, Die an instant,
die without feeling, now!...
Fury injecting the pleasure,
Dogs will howl,
what I want is to fight!,
Come here!
That one small girl in school who's scary but cute and wears all black
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Tiempos de furia

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