Jay Chou - Titian (梯田) ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Terraced Field

Wenshan 1, by the time you’ve finished writing
I’ll have already released the album
No worries, take your time
I’ll do this song myself
Going back to those middle school days
My hometown’s patch, patch, patch of terraced field
Is the most beautiful green I’ve ever seen
And thus it let me win “Best Picture”
The me in the photo was baffled and
Unable to write like a poet
The me who was riding the bus to school
And watching the cows eat grass from the window
Was inexplicably carefree and unrestrained
hoi ya e ya that Luwan na e na ya hei
Oh, my dear cows
hoi ya e ya that Luwan na e na ya hei
Oh, where have you run off to?
The gutter opposite the shop
Gushing out our dreams of growing older
As we dodged innocence and jumped into the harvest season
Our sweat mixing with satisfaction and laughter
Is the photo, photo I’ve most regretted parting with
And is another one of my works
The picture I relied on memories to make an oil painting of
What’s the point of having an award for that?
I urge you to take yourself back
Hmph, what I really want to do is to tear it up in exchange for nature
Why can’t I see the terraced fields?
There are a lot more hotels
Living and watching Western films inside
The water buffaloes have merely become pictures
Hanging on the walls
A symbol of the rich getting ever richer
Groups of foreigners want to look outside the windows at the scenery
But they can only see hotels with more storys than yours
hoi ya e ya that Luwan na e na ya hei
Oh, my dear cows
hoi ya e ya that Luwan na e na ya hei
Oh, where have you run off to?
Taking advantage of the local conditions
Is that right or wrong?
Is humanity in a tight corner?
Wrecking the natural wildlife
Is that hard work?
You say it’s because of the craft
That the trees are cut down
Hmph, is this right or wrong?
You say it’s for decoration
Ask me what my issue is
Can we only use video recordings?
To give the next generation, the next generation a wake up call?
Pitiful, lamentable the green forest has already been made into a documentary
That smell of green is gone You can only enjoy the heavy pollution
I can’t teach you guys
I’m not your teacher
I’m not your principal
Nor can I give you a slap, slap, slap, slap
Speech, speech, speech, lengthy speech
You’ll absolutely refuse to listen
I know this but I can help it
I have to write
You guys may never realize
We, the ones under a microscope
Will become even more selfish
This kind of art is truly hard to comprehend
  • 1. Fang Wenshan (方文山), also known as Vincent Fang, is a person who sometimes writes the lyrics for songs that Jay composes.
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Titian (梯田)

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