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I can say I have a wide variety of interests, but the ones I invest most of my time in are (enumerated more or less accordingly):

  • Languages – pretty much everything about them: from the whole learning/studying process, translation, up to examining/analysing their development in time, their impact on human psychology and way of thinking etc.
  • Listening to and discovering music – that's where I earn most of my knowledge about any language. If I don't have any songs to translate in my target language, I eventually abandon learning it.
  • Singing
  • Play the piano
  • (I can't read any notes though, I can play by ear only)

  • Collecting vinyl records
  • Photography (just for fun) and photo editing
  • Astrology
  • Calligraphy
  • Typography
  • Drawing portraits
  • Poetry
Sobre mim

 Hi, my name is Nicholas and I'm 20 years old. Languages and music have been my passion ever since I was little. I started learning English in kindergarten, and French in high school. I also studied Russian for three years before entering high school (on a rather basic level), and thanks to its similarity with my native Bulgarian, I can understand it to a certain degree, but I can hardly use it correctly if I have to express myself in it, so I'm working on catching up what I've missed throughout the years. I'm self-taught when it comes to every other language which I've chosen as "studied". Yet, I'm mostly concentrated on Italian, Esperanto, Czech, Romanian and from time to time on Turkish.

 I'm also quite meticulous when it comes to typography, grammar and punctuation. I respect each language's rules and particularities and try to put them to practice as much as possible.

About the languages I've chosen as being fluent in:

 Please note that I don't consider myself fluent in any language besides my native Bulgarian. Yet, I've chosen English, Italian, French and Esperanto as the ones I feel most confident to both use and work with (with that meaning speaking and translating from and into these languages). As for the languages which I've chosen as "studied", I can understand them to some extent, depending on the language, but I don't use them that frequently as much as the ones I feel most confident with. I use them mostly to translate songs from, rarely into.

Shortcuts for symbols I often use, but don't have on my keyboard:

  • (ellipsis as a single symbol)
  • (arrow pointing to the right) – I use it when I notify translators for the changes I've applied to the source lyrics or when suggesting any improvements)
  • Āā, Ēē, Īī, Ōō, Ūū (Latin vowels with macrons) – for rōmaji transcriptions of titles or lyrics
  • А̀а̀, Ъ̀ъ̀, О̀о̀, У̀у̀, Ѐѐ, Ю̀ю̀, Я̀я̀ (Cyrillic vowels with grave accents) – used for indicating stressed syllables in Bulgarian (not all of them being actually used, just in case)
  • Žž (Жж), Čč (Чч), Šš (Шш), Ǎǎ (Ъъ) – for transliterating Bulgarian (and Russian, with the exception of Ǎǎ) song titles
  • Ďď, Ěě, Ňň, Řř, Ťť, Ůů – Czech letters with diacritics
  • Œœ – for some words in French
  • , İ, Ğğ, Şş – for Turkish
  • Ёё, (em dash) – for Russian

Favourite singers, bands, instrumentalists etc. (sorted by nationality [in alphabetical order] and then more or less by preference):

Fluente em
Inglês, Esperanto, Francês, Italiano
Tcheco, Hindi, Húngaro, Japonês, Napolitano, Português, Romeno, Russo, Turco, Eslovaco

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Hana ZagorováTie, kien la falkoj flugas Tcheco → EsperantoTcheco → Esperanto
Hana ZagorováPentru bildojn denove Tcheco → Esperanto
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Tcheco → Esperanto
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Hana ZagorováGutoj Tcheco → EsperantoTcheco → Esperanto
Irina FlorinDünkü Çiçekler Búlgaro → TurcoBúlgaro → Turco
Hana ZagorováRenkontiĝo Tcheco, Italiano → EsperantoTcheco, Italiano → Esperanto
Hana ZagorováLa amo estas vetero Tcheco → EsperantoTcheco → Esperanto
Barbra StreisandПисма, които се разминават по пощата Inglês → BúlgaroInglês → Búlgaro
ArisaНова Розалба в града Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
ArisaMi sentas min bone Italiano → Esperanto
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Italiano → Esperanto
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ArisaI Feel Good Italiano → Inglês2
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Italiano → Inglês
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MinaПочти като музика Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
MinaLa malluma ŝtuparo Italiano → Esperanto
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Italiano → Esperanto
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MinaТъмното стълбище Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
MinaThe Dark Stairway Italiano → Inglês
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Italiano → Inglês
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Hana ZagorováЛюбовта е време Tcheco → BúlgaroTcheco → Búlgaro
ArisaЧувствам се добре Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
Diana RossТежко време Inglês → BúlgaroInglês → Búlgaro
LoredanaИстория с изтъркан край Romeno → BúlgaroRomeno → Búlgaro
Hana ZagorováMelodramma Tcheco → ItalianoTcheco → Italiano
BeloslavaSpring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… Búlgaro → InglêsBúlgaro → Inglês
Camellia Todorova (Camy Todorow)May This World Be Full of Love SBúlgaro → InglêsBúlgaro → Inglês
BeloslavaPrimăvară, vară, toamnă, iarnă… Búlgaro → RomenoBúlgaro → Romeno
BeloslavaMi-am uitat eșarfa Búlgaro → RomenoBúlgaro → Romeno
Camellia Todorova (Camy Todorow)Amintire frumoasă Búlgaro → RomenoBúlgaro → Romeno
Corina ChiriacDimentica la nostalgia Romeno → ItalianoRomeno → Italiano
Corina ChiriacJ'ai rêvé Romeno → FrancêsRomeno → Francês
Corina ChiriacI Had a Dream Romeno → InglêsRomeno → Inglês
Corina ChiriacМне приснилось Romeno → RussoRomeno → Russo
Camellia Todorova (Camy Todorow)Nice and Slowly Búlgaro → InglêsBúlgaro → Inglês
Camellia Todorova (Camy Todorow)De la capăt Búlgaro → RomenoBúlgaro → Romeno
Camellia Todorova (Camy Todorow)Doucement et lentement Búlgaro → FrancêsBúlgaro → Francês
Camellia Todorova (Camy Todorow)Ușor și încet Búlgaro → RomenoBúlgaro → Romeno
Camellia Todorova (Camy Todorow)Нежно и медленно Búlgaro → RussoBúlgaro → Russo
Hana ZagorováДорога к счастью Tcheco → Russo3Tcheco → Russo
Hana ZagorováLe chemin vers le bonheur Tcheco → FrancêsTcheco → Francês
Hana ZagorováDrumul spre fericire Tcheco → RomenoTcheco → Romeno
Lili IvanovaBarca albă Búlgaro → RomenoBúlgaro → Romeno
Hibari MisoraКато течението на река CJaponês → BúlgaroJaponês → Búlgaro
Alla PugachevaКогато си отида Russo → BúlgaroRusso → Búlgaro
Elis ReginaНапразна картина Português → BúlgaroPortuguês → Búlgaro
Alla PugachevaДа Russo → BúlgaroRusso → Búlgaro
Alla PugachevaОтлети, облаче Russo → Búlgaro
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Russo → Búlgaro
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Patty PravoСреднощно обаждане Chinês → BúlgaroChinês → Búlgaro
Patty PravoChiamata notturna Chinês → ItalianoChinês → Italiano
Patty PravoИма една история CItaliano, Chinês → BúlgaroItaliano, Chinês → Búlgaro
Patty PravoEsiste una storia CItaliano, Chinês → ItalianoItaliano, Chinês → Italiano
Alla PugachevaIceberg Russo → Italiano2Russo → Italiano
Patty PravoВземи Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
MinaКоледа е Italiano, Espanhol → BúlgaroItaliano, Espanhol → Búlgaro
MinaБъдни вечер Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
Lili IvanovaLa barca bianca Búlgaro → ItalianoBúlgaro → Italiano
Lili IvanovaAdagio Búlgaro → ItalianoBúlgaro → Italiano
Alla PugachevaИдвай Russo → BúlgaroRusso → Búlgaro
Alla PugachevaФотограф Russo → BúlgaroRusso → Búlgaro
Alla PugachevaТри щастливи дни Russo → BúlgaroRusso → Búlgaro
Alla PugachevaЖелая ти щастие в личния живот Russo → BúlgaroRusso → Búlgaro
Alla PugachevaАйсберг Russo → BúlgaroRusso → Búlgaro
Chen Fen-LanЛуната олицетворява сърцето ми Chinês → BúlgaroChinês → Búlgaro
Corina ChiriacHo sognato Romeno → ItalianoRomeno → Italiano
Hana ZagorováNon calpestare, non rompere Tcheco → Italiano
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Tcheco → Italiano
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Hana ZagorováIncontro Tcheco, Italiano → ItalianoTcheco, Italiano → Italiano
Corina ChiriacЗабрави тъгата Romeno → BúlgaroRomeno → Búlgaro
Hana ZagorováТам, накъдето соколите летят Tcheco → BúlgaroTcheco → Búlgaro
Hana ZagorováТелеграма Tcheco → BúlgaroTcheco → Búlgaro
Lili IvanovaRekviem Búlgaro → TchecoBúlgaro → Tcheco
Hana ZagorováLa strada verso la felicità Tcheco → ItalianoTcheco → Italiano
Hana ZagorováLa vojo al la feliĉo Tcheco → EsperantoTcheco → Esperanto
Hana ZagorováПътят към щастието Tcheco → BúlgaroTcheco → Búlgaro
MilvaЩастлива съм Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
MilvaИ те обичам истински Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
Hana ZagorováРисувай картини пак CTcheco → BúlgaroTcheco → Búlgaro
Lili IvanovaRecviem Búlgaro → Romeno
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Búlgaro → Romeno
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Corina ChiriacВърни се, любими, обратно Romeno → BúlgaroRomeno → Búlgaro
Corina ChiriacЗа да ми говориш за пролетта Romeno → BúlgaroRomeno → Búlgaro
BeloslavaDej mi čas Búlgaro → TchecoBúlgaro → Tcheco
Hana ZagorováИмам план Tcheco → BúlgaroTcheco → Búlgaro
Yordanka HristovaĈio komenciĝis dum junio Búlgaro → Esperanto
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Búlgaro → Esperanto
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MinaКъща навръх света Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
BeloslavaDă-mi timp Búlgaro → RomenoBúlgaro → Romeno
BeloslavaDammi il tempo Búlgaro → Italiano2
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Búlgaro → Italiano
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BeloslavaDonu al mi tempon Búlgaro → Esperanto5
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Búlgaro → Esperanto
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BeloslavaDonne-moi le temps Búlgaro → FrancêsBúlgaro → Francês
BeloslavaGive Me Time Búlgaro → InglêsBúlgaro → Inglês
MinaПоетът, който никога не мисли Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
MinaВчера, вчера Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
Petra JanůЗнам своето за него Tcheco → BúlgaroTcheco → Búlgaro
Hana ZagorováКапки Tcheco → BúlgaroTcheco → Búlgaro
Alla PugachevaМежду другото Russo → BúlgaroRusso → Búlgaro
Alla PugachevaСамолетите отлитат Russo → BúlgaroRusso → Búlgaro
MinaСъс спускането на вечерта Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
Corina ChiriacЛека нощ, до утре Romeno → BúlgaroRomeno → Búlgaro
Loretta GoggiДа ти кажа ли, да не ти ли кажа Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
Loretta GoggiОбичайна любов Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
Corina ChiriacСънувах Romeno → BúlgaroRomeno → Búlgaro
GloriaCastelli in aria Búlgaro → Italiano
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Búlgaro → Italiano
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Aliona MoonХиляда Romeno → BúlgaroRomeno → Búlgaro
Alina (Romania)Мъки и тревоги R, SRomeno → Búlgaro
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Romeno → Búlgaro
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Malika AyaneПреобразен като неделя Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
Malika AyaneКолко трае един час Italiano → BúlgaroItaliano → Búlgaro
Hana ZagorováОкеан Tcheco → BúlgaroTcheco → Búlgaro