Nadau - Un petit apartament ( Tradução para Inglês)


Un petit apartament

Un petit apartament,
Esconut devath un gran teit,
Tu e jo tots sols dehens,
Drin perguts au miei d’aqueth vueit,
Ací qu’ei la glèisa nosta,
Tà d’aquera noça,
N’i a pas nat temuenh,
Au solèr lo cèu tau viatge,
Qu’ei com un vilatge
Qui s’aluca au luenh,
La horrèra dehens la carrèra
Que braceja vent.
Jo que sèi duas cançons,
Tà tornar pintrar las pareds,
Sus la taula de carton,
Maridem la hami dab la set,
I a lo pòt de confitura
Qui’ns hè drin la gula,
Per’mor n’i a pas pan,
A la cramba lo linçòu
Dessenha sus lo sòu
Un batèu sus la mar,
Çà’i, estupa,
Escota que ns’ahupa,
Qu’èi páur a doman.
N’i averà pas nat serment,
Ni cadena ni barcalhon,
N’i averà pas nat tostemps,
Tu qu’ès tu, e jo que soi jo,
Que demoraràs sancèra,
N’èi pas hens l’istuèra
Arren a’t balhar,
Que t’ac disi shens malici,
Pas nat sacrifici,
A tu de gahar,
L’un hens l’aute
Troberà pas un aute
Que lo qui ei dejà.
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Tradução para Inglês

A Little Apartment

A little apartment,
Hidden under a big roof,
You and me, all alone inside,
A little lost in the middle of this emptiness,
Here’s our church,
For this wedding,
There isn’t any witness,
On the floor, the heavens for a journey
Are like a village
That lights up in the distance,
The crowd in the street
That waves its arms in the wind.
I know two songs,
To repaint the walls,
On the table of cardboard boxes,
We marry hunger with thirst,
There is the jar1 of jam
That pouts a bit at us,
Because there isn’t any bread,
In the bedroom the sheets
Draw on the ground
A boat on the sea,
Come on, shut off the lights,
Hear how it’s calling us,
I’m afraid of tomorrow.
There won’t be any sermons here,
Or chains or bars,
It won’t be forever
You are you and I am I,
You’ll remain whole,
I don’t have in the story
Anything to give you,
I’m telling you without malice,
Not as a sacrifice,
It’s for you to take,
The one in the other
Another one won’t be found
Than what is already here.
  • 1. Or “pot,” whichever you prefer.
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