ups and downs

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Traduções idiomáticas de "ups and downs"

La vie n'est pas un long fleuve tranquille.
Francês #1, #2
la vie c'est un tour sur les montagnes russes.
कभी नाव गाडी पर, कभी गाडी नाव पर.
परमश्वर की माया, कहीं धूप, कहीं छाया
highs and lows
Life is a roller coaster

Meanings of "ups and downs"


the fluctuations of fortune that happen to someone or something during a period.

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"ups and downs" em letras

Eternal Love (OST) - Three Lives Three Worlds

How majestic does life need to be?
Vanity always ends with nothing; those that are persistent will follow the wind
How many ups and downs do the road of love need?

LANA - Make It Real

Hard work is the foundation of success
yah yah
This path I've chosen has had it's ups and downs hill aftert hill
It's somthing that everyone experience your thoughts will be changed by my motto

Die Fantastischen Vier - Together

Together as in "yeah, exactly"
Together like old and grey
As in ups and downs, I'm gone
Together like fit like a glove*

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Danger

Was this really love I’ve wanted and dreamed?

Where is the love story filled with ups and downs?
Get soap opera heroes and heroines out of my way!

Xiao Shen Yang - My Brother

My brother
When I’m having a hard time, you tell me
Life is hard with many ups and downs
Still, we must be strong

Facundo Cabral - You're not depressed, you're distracted

seem to live is a sequence of lawsuits.

The task is to understand that life is ups and downs,
constant motion, ie changes.

Rudimental - These Days

[Verse 2: Dan Caplen & Jess Glynne]
Three years of ups and downs
Nothing to show for it now

Die Fantastischen Vier - Zusammen

Zusammen, so wie „Ja, genau“
Zusammen, so wie alt und grau
So wie Ups and Downs, bin ich abgehauen
Zusammen, so wie Arsch auf Eimer

Hopsin - Old Us

[Verse 1 - ]
I know this is super random
We done had our ups and downs and I done threw some tantrums
I honestly care about you way more than you can fathom

Feine Sahne Fischfilet - All Fucked Up

Do you know the feeling when you sense only emptiness?
The ups and downs between your dreams and the endless falling
And in your heart love and hate revolt against each other

The Kelly Family - Brothers and Sisters

And you're still here, our dear audience
You were true to us all this years
Through ups and downs you supported us
Your love carried us through

Semyon Slepakov - Dialog of Husband and wife (Purely hypothetically)

And, purely hypothetically,
Imagine your new Bi-eM-Double-u (BMW)
And fast ups and downs of baseball but
That’s turning it into a junk for you,

Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary

What's left of me?

(So many ups and downs)
My heart's a battleground

Bud Luckey - Boundin'

He’d just bound, bound, bound, and rebound.

Now in this world of ups and downs,
So nice to know there are jackalopes around.

Mustafa Ceceli - You Will Understand

I came to know every aspect of love
It's ups and downs; when I was with you
I apologize to everyone; if I knew I'd go back again

SodaGreen - Little love song

This is a simple, little love song
Singing ups and downs in our hearts
I think I'd be so happy when I feel your warmth

Pūkana & Whānau - Cherish It

Whether you make mistakes or are correct,
Whether there be ups and downs,
Have no fear, don’t be shy

One OK Rock - Incomplete Symphony

Incomplete! Yeah, I am!
What the heck’s “incomplete” everybody!?
Every time you reach the limit of giving your all at living, learn from those ups and downs

Oum Kalthoum - Ask my heart

But to get the victory, the world must bend
Nothing can stop a nation
It goes through ups and downs bravely

Andy Lau - Seventeen Years Old

# Sing romantic songs, let sing it one more time, always remember the applause that rings into the skies
Come and sing romantic songs, start from the beginning one more time, when love starts gaining, tears are hard to avoid
Ups and downs of scales, beats change, every song is every face (Years change, but I have never changed)