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It wraps itself around my waist
Give free reign to my madness
It goes up and down on my back
It makes me shiver, it renders me defenseless
It's like a dark alley
It's the shadow of my doubts
Like fresh water in the desert
Like the ending of every fairytale
It's love! It slowly goes up
In my heart
And it leaves something in every corner
And it comes and goes and during its swinging
I love you this moment and the next moment I don't know
It's love! It knows that those eyes will be the death of me
It says yes even when I say no
And it comes and goes and during its swinging
With each kiss, it steals three
It goes through my fingers
It's the owner of my jealousy
And its name is engraved
In the palm of my hand
It's the tide that carries me away
It's the dream I'm missing
It's my summer night
Little bits of sin
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