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No one’s born into a family or a people they have chosen
Will we be rich or poor, good or bad, fearful or outspoken?
We are born of a decision made without our consultation
And no one can predict the situation
When we are born we do not know even the name that will define us
Or what the future hides, or the path that lies before us
Between the cradle and the grave, we each seek out a pathway
And every choice we make has a part to play
We are just another deck in a game that already started
And we bet on cards that someone else has dealt us or discarded
Life is a doorway where no one pays to go inside
And your soul is the ticket they rip when they bill you for the ride
And each step creates a footprint, and each footprint tells a story
And each day gone by becomes a star on the horizon of your memory
And the tide of time ebbs and flows with all our contradictions
And our mistakes have time to heal between homecoming and valediction
And our friends are all the family we have chosen among strangers
And in solitude or company, you learn lessons that will change you
That your spirit answers only to what your conscience dictates
And being a man and being a male are not the same
No one’s born into a family or a people they have chosen
Will we be good or bad, fair or foul, acquitted or imprisoned?
From when we’re born to when we die our life remains a wager
But our will provides the power for us to change it
(I’m dreaming of world that could be different
Where our love will always live on
Let’s make a world that will be different
Where our love will always burn strong...)
© Suzanne Lapstun
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Ruben Blades is one of my favourite Spanish-language songwriters, and this is my favourite song of his. Rather than doing a literal translation, I have tried to render the spirit of the song and respect the rhyme and metre.
NB in verse 3, I believe the original should say 'tiquete' not 'piquete'.



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