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I Came To Stay

We're on the way, things haven't changed
You stop and think, life is so short
I'm on the beat, I'm in the battle, head held high
I'm in the dispute, I kill for my mum and my kid
Now I have a daughter, daddy's Clarinha, her mother's face, her attitude is Piruka (life on the streets, fatigue)
The f*cking routine forces you, Portugal is bad
And if there isn't work, how will I fill my stomach?
Many who talk without knowing, nobody feeds the girl for me
I do it for me, the squad mentalises, head up
Life on the street corner has an end, daughter I look out you
Your dad won't leave from here, I want you to see in me
What I never saw in my father, I want to teach you what I learnt
I want to be there fore you, see you fall and be there to lift you up
And show you a path to follow
You won't go through what I went through
I'm here to support you, whatever the case may be
I'd turn the world upside down to make sure you're well
And until God takes me away, I do what I have to, yeah
Life is f*cked, my guy I said it, Piruka for free, press play
The EP 'Pára e Pensa' has hit the streets, homie
I want to give to my mother everything she doesn't have
Life changes and changes, you come back to see and never see goodness
But I open doors and only count on myself, don't even try it
I want a Mercedes for my mother
With a private chauffeur to match of course
And if I want everything for my mother
I fight twice as hard for my daughter
Piruka go calmy, with little jabber
Bring some cash for the troops on the (front)line and pass me the blunt
I'm just passing through, if the shoe fits wear it
A big f*ck you to those who criticise, we're on the screen and the word on the street is Piruka
Boy, let them talk, what matters is that word is getting around
I give my blood for everything you hear me sing (cry)
Squad, I came to stay, 'Quatro Cantos', the beginning, addiction
It doesn't let me stop, it doesn't stop me because of the addiction
The beginning is to be remembered, music is my craft
And so I'll say again:
Tropa eu vim para ficar, Quatro cantos, o início, vicio
Não me deixa parar, não me para à pala do vício
Início é para relembrar, música é o meu ofício
E então eu volto a citar, squad, I came to stay
I came to stay, they can talk, I stay in my corner, always in control
The brother circulates, I already have the hunger, "I want to run after the Sun"
I don't think it's good, there are so many Stallones on the street
It's just anabolic substances in the body, soon he'll be dead, ends up in the morgue because of Danone, f*ck it
Piruka is red hot, the iron is hot
The house is on fire, potent breed
Madorna on the map in permanent ink
F*ck labels, I'm independent, what they actually want is crowns at the expense of the people
'Quantro Cantos' is the past, 'Pára e Pensa' is the present
It's clear, I'm a soldier and will always be a soldier
Bro I won't change for anything, I've said it
Piruka on the streets, proceed, Madorna is the destination
Until my last day, life gives many slaps
And I've quietly taken my slaps in life, eyes open
Stab wounds are wisdom, you feel revulsion in the calligraphy
I write on a piece of paper what my mouth doesn't say, crazy pens that do magic
Divine poetry of a mere apprentice
Out of my mouth you don't hear what I've never done
I'm not 'vida loca' but believe me I waws and I wasn't happy
Truly, I fight for the roots, Piruka to you, to those close to me it's André
Recruit from the ghetto, I count on my fingers those who don't leave when the fire starts
I look after mine and to this day I have faith
If I don't make it, look after the baby
I don't make out that I'm violent, nor am I violent, but I'm always rolling with the violent ones
Bro, what I really want is notes to put at home, I don't want to be rich
I want to live and I want my mother to be proud of her son
Eyes wide open, I go on my way, family first, the rest is a bonus
I'm another pure one going hard at it so that my future isn't too terrible
You, stop and think for real
Life is not a joke, I walk the streets in search of my prize
At home there are mouths to feed
Feel the power that came to pick me up
I want my people with me toasting, I want my people with me saying
"Piruka didn't come for a short while, he's here to stay", boy
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Vim Para Ficar

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