Fratello Metallo - Vita ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês


Life. Life. Life. Being Alive! Being Alive for real,
yes, intensively, because....
Life is what comes through you.
First you are made and, then...
you can operate, for yourself and also
for others.
You, Life; first take it and, then, live it,
share it...because:
it is all that we have really
and it is everything that makes it alive for real
Inside ourselves and together with all other people
This is what living real life: take it, first
enjoy it, and enjoy sharing it with others
then, make it become a fruit, with love.
Are you alive? Do you want to live? or...are you dead?
Are you alive or not?
You, are you alive or not? Do you want to live?
Let life enter you, and give birth
Life inside you and...
Life around you. Enjoy life you create it
Because life:
Is everything that we really have
is everything that makes one live for real
Inside each of us and together with other people
This is living life for real; take it, first
enjoy it, and enjoy sharing it with others, then
make it become a fruit, with Love.
Life: who does not want it? ..You want it!
So sing, together with me and all others
especially Metallica, like this;
I want/I want, Life/Life together/together
outside/outside everything/everything together/together
with others/with others
beautiful/beautiful, good/good, full/full
and/and hard
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