Jacques Brel - Voir un ami pleurer ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

To See A Friend Cry....

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Yes, there is fighting on the streets of Belfast
And people who have never tried to sing
Yes, there are few moments of tenderness
but who even dreams of America anymore?
Yes, it's true, money has no color
But so much lack of color makes us stare
Yes, we are trampling a field full of flowers,
But when you see a friend cry….
Yes, we have had our share of defeat
And in the end, we will know death
Already our bodies sag toward the earth
How can we possibly even stand?
There are, oh yes, all those unfaithful women
And the birds that we have killed
Indeed our hearts rarely ever soar anymore
But when you see a friend cry….
There are, alas, all those cities, made empty
by children some fifty years old
There is nothing we can do to help them
and those whom we love, that cause us so much pain
Yes, Time does fly
The metro zips by, filled with all its drowned victims
What about the Truth that escapes us
But when you see a friend cry….
Oh yes, we can rely on our mirrors to show us how upright we are!
Can't you see us bravely standing with the Jew
And looking dignified hand-in-hand with people of color?
We see ourselves as the candle's flame, but we are nothing but dripping wax
And all these men who are so much our brothers
that we are no longer the least bit surprised
how, out of love, they rip us to shreds
But when you see a friend cry….
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Comentários do autor:

I performed this song and wanted to add my own version. I like the last version on here as it even rhymes, but the text wanders a little far from the original. I'm trying to offer a compromise between something literal and something that reads well in English. Cheers!

Thanks to "Petit élève" (this site) for helping me improve the translation.


Voir un ami pleurer

petit élève    Sexta-feira, 07/08/2015 - 15:53

Very good balance between meaning and shape.

Only the last verse makes me frown a bit:

But neither is there bravery in being Jewish
Nor elegance in being black ->

I think the idea is more like "we see ourselves as upright people, but still we are not brave enough to side with a Jew and too full of prejudice to treat black people as equals"

So much so that we forget
They tear us apart through their love ->
more like "they love us so much that it does not come as a surprise anymore that they shred us wit their love"

boonskis    Domingo, 25/10/2015 - 04:28

Thank you...and I agree very much. I struggled with those lines and let them go too quickly and kept them too short. I may change what I have and thank you!

Lizzy Faire    Quinta-feira, 05/05/2016 - 17:21

Thank you. The best, most poetic translation of this that I have seen. Extraordinary song.