Ww Ww - For Her


For Her

Her daddy dashed away and shortly died
Her mother cursed her scurried off and cried
The world that loved her it only lied
They all betrayed her, so she never tried
All that was is now so sad for her
All that she cared for made mad for her
Disappointment directs doom for her
Where worries lie to leap and loom for her
Hopes dashed hard upon the rocks for her
Terror ticking from critical clocks for her
Overwhelmed in silence abounded for her
A finger pointed and last word sounded for her
In the lair of apathy near fears fate for her
By the fortress of change at the unopened gate for her
A prince clad in amore known fine for her
With strength sound body and mind for her
But in the end he was soundly defeated for her
Only to be painfully unseated for her
This scene again only to be repeated for her
For the few only to be charmingly cheated for her
No roses grow on barren stone for her
Just thorns and brambles alone for her
There is but silence, grey and glums for her
An icy air that stings and numbs for her
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