Hande Yener - Ya ya ya ya! ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Yeah right!

Mind and heart at war
We're stuck at a steep slope
One has to live it to know
But there are many who advise
I stopped and listened to my own self
The most sincere, deepest feelings
All of them have the same opinion
Inside of me, most says 'Go'
I listened to my heart, till the dawn
'Erase' it said, 'Don't leave a trace'
Who will the history books write about? Us?
What an incompatible coupling choice.
Yeah right! Me most special
Yeah right! Me most beautiful
Yeah right! I was your everything. Right
Yeah right! You know-it-all
Yeah right! You walk alone
Yeah right! You were left behind, Right.
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Ya ya ya ya!