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Yönseutu ( Tradução para Inglês)

  • Artista: Viikate
  • Música: Yönseutu Álbum: Noutajan valssi
Tradução para InglêsInglês


They took the tree line as an example
And half of the courtyard too
What would I take part in any more
When a wall of the porch has disappeared
One can endure direct rebuking
But intimidating is different
Where would one place their head on in the evening
When the pillow has changed place
Nothing came out of anything else
Than only new holes to a leather belt
Night-time is still the worst
The floor has become cold as the morning arrives
And the lack of sleep increases
Because the only valid guarantors are
Moonlight, Longing and Bitterness
Ribs are covered in pain and ache
As yesterday's wheat has been taken away from the mattress
Now the bed is the size of the floor
Covered in dust and dead flies
Nothing came out of anything else
Than only new holes to a leather belt
Night-time is still the worst
There's dense and reddish smoke
Coming out of the neighbor croft's chimney
Looking at it more precisely
The walls have disappeared in the dead of the night
At least something has fallen out of the retriever's sled
And been forgotten to take with them
There are holes in the millstones
That can fit a weary head
Nothing came out of anything else
Than only new holes to a leather belt
Night-time is still the worst
Nothing came out of anything else
Than only new holes to a leather belt
Night-time is still the worst
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Adicionado por WucchuWucchu em Sexta-feira, 21/01/2022 - 14:58
Adicionado em resposta ao pedido de JunkratJunkrat
Comentários do autor:

The name of the song Yönseutu can mean either time during the night or more like terrains during the night. Couldn't figure out which one is better so I just used night-time.

I was unsure of the very first line of the song "Ottivat malliksi metsänlaidan" since I'm not certain if malli is meant as an example in the sentence. In my thoughts, the person was threatened by some people that have more power and took away some of his terrains as an example of what they're capable of doing. (if that makes sense...)

Not sure what is meant by the first line in the chorus "Eikä siinä muassa tullut muuta" so couldn't translate it well either.



JunkratJunkrat    Sexta-feira, 21/01/2022 - 19:41

Thank you for your time translating this!

One small question, if you have the time. How "Mihin sitä enää suksensa laittaa kun" corresponds to "What would I take part in any more". Is this some kind of allegory, like "laittaa sukset" means something other than "to put skis on"

WucchuWucchu    Sábado, 22/01/2022 - 16:39

Yes, you're right. It seems like I forgot to put that in the comments but I'm glad you pointed it out. "laittaa sukset johonkin" literally means "to put skis somewhere" but it's used to describe taking part in something. As if you're like putting your leg somewhere, therefore, participating in it. It doesn't make any sense but these kinds of sayings rarely do. I believe it's an old one since you don't really hear it often anymore. I failed to find anything from the internet about it since it only gave me results such as how to choose the best ski size...

I did find results for another ski related saying which is "sukset ristissä" which literally means that skis are crossed but in reality it's used to describe how some people don't get along and, therefore, are in a conflict. (for example "Minun äidillä ja isällä on aina sukset ristissä = my mom and dad always have their skis crossed -> My mom and dad are always conflicting / my mom and dad never get along.)

I hope this cleared it up even though it did take a detour.

dhdainesdhdaines    Sexta-feira, 29/04/2022 - 12:05

Thank you! I have always wondered what the bit about skis meant Regular smile

It reminds me of how we have a strange saying in Québec, "où tu t'en vas avec tes skis dans le bain?" which means something like "what the hell are you doing/talking about?" but literally "where are you going with your skis in the bathtub?"

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