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夢冒険 (Yume bōken) ( Tradução para Inglês)

  • Artista: Noriko Sakai (酒井法子) Também cantado por: The Three Musketeers (OST)
  • Música: 夢冒険 (Yume bōken) Álbum: Yume Boken: Noriko Special (1987)
  • Traduções de covers: Inglês 1, 2


心に冒険を 夢を抱きしめたくて
そんな君の傍 見守ってたい
枯れた芝生寝転んで 夕日を胸に吸い込む
愛情するよりこんなとき 友情したい…
微笑むそのたび 夢だけを数える
横顔 しっかり灼きつける
心に冒険を 夢が聴こえるよネ
自分の速度(ペース)で 近づけばいいよネ
心に冒険を 夢を抱きしめたくて
そんな君の傍 見守ってたい
コンクリートの落書きは やりたいことでいっぱい
カバンの中の何よりも 大切なもの…
駆け出すその後 風の中ついてく
輝く気持ちを 読みとるよ
心に冒険を お願いそのままで
クールな逃げ道 つくったら嫌いさ
心に冒険を 夢を止めないでいて
そんな君だから 大好きになる
心に冒険を 夢が聴こえるよネ
自分の速度(ペース)で 近づけばいいよネ
心に冒険を 夢を抱きしめたくて
そんな君の傍 見守ってたい見守ってたい
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Tradução para InglêsInglês
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Dream Adventure

As you adventure in your heart and embrace your dreams...
I want to stay by your side, watching over you
Lying down on the dry grass, soaking up the sunset
At the moment like this, I'd rather we stay as friends than lovers
Just counting on the dreams and smile each time
I'll engrave your face firmly in my mind
Every time... adventure in your heart, make sure to listen to your dream
Take your time, reach it at your own pace
As you adventure in your heart and embrace your dreams...
I want to stay by your side, watching over you
There's still a lot we wanna do, as many as the graffiti on the wall
Things that are more important than what we have now
As you run in the wind chasing your dream, I'll follow after you
And I'll empathize with your enthusiasm
More than anyone else...
I'll cheer on your journey, but please stick to it to the end
I won't like it if you bail out and try to rationalize it
As you adventure in your heart, don't stop dreaming
That trait of you is what makes me love you
As you adventure in your heart, be sure to listen to your dream
Take your time, reach it at your own pace
As you adventure in your heart and embrace your dreams...
I want to stay by your side, watching over you
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RetroPandaRetroPanda    Sábado, 02/07/2022 - 03:48

Sakai Noriko(born: February 14, 1971) is one of the top idols in late 1980s. She made her idol debut in 1986 and released her first song in 1987.

Earlier in her career, she was also known as her nickname: Nori-P (noripii). When Noriko was Nori-P, she even spoke the "Noripii language", i.e: if you watch anime, there's some character that always add "nya~" at the end of their words when they speak. Nori-P used to add "pii" at the end of her sentences when she speak.

She also had a doll-like cartoon character she made herself called "Noripi-chan" that can always be seen near her everytime, either as keychain doll she wore, drawn on the wall behind the stage she performed, or even painted on the bus which she rode in her concert. In 1988, she even opened a store selling this "Noripi-chan" doll and merchandise. 

As she grew older and entered her 20s, she discarded the Nori-P concept, and become just Sakai Noriko.


There was once idol magazine and reality show called "Momoco Club" where young girls aspired to become an "idol" could join.  Sakai Noriko used to be one of the regular cast members of the show.


In her peak between 1987 - 1990, her songs were consistently ranked between #4 - #10 in Oricon chart, with her highest record is one song that reached #2 (in one of her recent concert, she said that was because the one reached #1 at that time was Akina's song). In her career, she has performed 1 time in Kohaku Uta Gassen.


Entering 1990s, her career started to decline, but she could find new niche market in neighboring countries / regions like: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.That caused her to become more popular in Chinese speaking countries than in Japan itself. She has held concert tours several times in Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. Some of her songs even have Chinese version. 


This song is her 4th single released in November 1987 and reached #4 in Oricon chart. These are some of the live performances:


Noriko in Greece MV (maybe from 1989):


This song was used in a commercial:

^ Too cute.  "irresistibly cute.." said the narrator. (^▽^ )



Noriko ages like a fine wine. The older she gets, the more beautiful she become.

Noriko in 1993:


Noriko in 1996:


Noriko in late 1990s / early 2000s, singing Chinese version of this song:




And....this is Sakai Noriko singing this song in 2020:

^ she really ages like a fine wine, doesn't she?   (^▽^ )



There's even more recent one. This is Sakai Noriko in October, 2022:


RetroPandaRetroPanda    Segunda-feira, 04/07/2022 - 20:47

Rare video where Sakai Noriko appeared in the same reality show as Wink.

^They are from the same generation. Noriko (0:56)  is 2 years younger than Sachiko (2:18) and 1 year younger than Shoko (2:29).

Diazepan MedinaDiazepan Medina    Sábado, 02/07/2022 - 22:05

A correction about the Momoco Club. They were not an idol group but an umbrella term for the girls who appeared in the magazine "Momoco" (the magazine had its own idol-audition corner). Momoco Club was also a TV show broadcasted between 1986 and 1987 for promoting those girls and for more auditions.

RetroPandaRetroPanda    Sábado, 02/07/2022 - 22:19

I see, thanks for the information. I was confused how can they have hundreds of "members". Some Youtube videos even mention Kudo Shizuka as part of Momoco even though she's clearly ex-member of Onyanko Club. Now this explains it all. 

uji nauji na    Domingo, 03/07/2022 - 11:31

This song "Yumebouken" is extremely difficult to translate. Especially, "しっかり灼きつける" and "いつでも…" is one connected sentence even they are in separate stanza. So, differentiating technique is required to do translation of this song.
And I think this sentence is also extremely difficult. "クールな逃げ道 つくったら嫌いさ" This one is difficult to make sense in English.
And, 夢が聴こえるよネ and 自分の速度(ペース)で 近づけばいいよネ, these "よネ" are also difficult to put into English.

This song over all sound cute in Japanese, but when translated into English, it does not sound cute! So difficult!

RetroPandaRetroPanda    Domingo, 03/07/2022 - 11:50

Yeah, this one is too difficult and need a lot of analysis. It took a long time and I was so late to upload it. 


The lyrics might not be cute, but Noriko really know how to be cute in front of the camera. lol. 

uji nauji na    Domingo, 03/07/2022 - 12:01

Yes, I just have watched this video, she is so cute! It's too bad she started using illegal drug later on.
I think this CM is not for Japan. CM for foreign country, like HongKong.

RetroPandaRetroPanda    Domingo, 03/07/2022 - 12:19

The drug scandal was from 2009, she got a probation and has finished it. She has resumed her normal career for quite a long time now, with a few concerts in between. 


Maybe that CM was for English speaking countries. I have found Chinese version of that commercial, where she sang a Chinese version of this song. 

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