Zeit zu gehen ( Tradução para Inglês)

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Time to go

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So many words have been written
So many dreams have been lived
You have supported us with applause
We could stand on the mountain top
But nothing in life is endless
The chasm follows to the zenith
Every recollection is too valuable
To only pridly see no end
It is time to go
We thank you for all the years
Even though it hurts
It is time for us to go
When it is the most beautiful
(It is time to go)
It is time to go
We will carry you in our heart
Even though it hurts
It is time for us to go
When it is the most beautiful
No moment was ever lost
When it lives on in our heart
Life is different now
But the memory will continue to exist forever
We will never forget you
Each one of us goes his own way
Our luck carries your names
You have shown that everything is possible
No tear should accompany us
It does not matter where the journey goes
All the beautiful pictures remain
When our time has come
We want to hear your voices once more
To see your hands once more
Let us say goodbye together
And heartily be together forever

© Pires Philippe

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Zeit zu gehen

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