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They leave us no choice
They want us to never again see each other
They separate us - they force us
To survive this way
What we have is so strong
We will not fly alone
What we are, what we do
They will never again forbid
We stand together
We walk together
Together until death
We live together
We float together
Together until death
You are with me - I am with you
We never let each other go anymore
We know no fear
We search and we find our happiness
Because behind the gray clouds
The lights waits, there's no way back
What we have is so huge
We will both win
What we are, what we do
Will be lying in our hands
We stand together ...
We believe in us, this loves gives us strength
You wanted to separate us, you couldn't do it
We go our way into freedom together
The power of two hearts is now ready
Heart to heart, hand in hand, there's nothing which holds us back
In front of us the sky, the back turned towards the world
I feel comfortable where we soon will be
Forever - we fall - we float in the wind
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