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And what is he like

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Looking at your eyes, I could swear
that you have something new to tell me
Start now woman, do not fear
Perhaps tomorrow may be too late
Perhaps tomorrow may be too late
And what is he like?
Where did he fall in love with you?
Where is he from?
How does he spend his free time?
Ask him
because he has taken a part of my life...
He is a thief!, who has taken everything
Woman, get ready it is getting late,
and take an umbrella if it rains
He will be waiting to love you,
and I will be jealous to lose you,
and keep warm,
that gray dress looks good on you
Smile, don’t let him suspect that you cried,
and leave me to start preparing my luggage
Forgive me if I ask you another question...
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¿Y cómo es él?

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