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Junior lieutenant

Junior lieutenant sitting at the side,
Baby-blue-eyes look, like a child,
That's not dancing, that's not dancing.
Junior lieutenant with a strange smile
Could easily become a movie star,
But only two stars fell on his epaulette.
Junior lieutenant, young lad,
Everyone wants to dance with you –
If only you knew a woman's longing
For a strong shoulder.
Junior lieutenant wounds the heart,
Ring finger without a ring,
「Junior lieutenant, sad case,
Don't torment yourself with your own self-importance,
"Come have a dance," but he's as if he could not hear.
You're not a general, glory be to God –
In twenty years time, step by step,
You will have come to understand that youth is more important than rank.」
But I don't want one drop of your love,
But I don't want one drop of your love.
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Младший лейтенант

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