ночь звездой тоскует (traducere în Engleză)

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ночь звездой тоскует

Ночь звездой тоскует
Чистой как слеза,
Лунность колдовскую
Снова пьют глаза.
Снова грусть дорогою
По судьбе ушла,
Детство босоногое
У реки нашла.
Даль родного края
Травы и цветы,
В сердце замирая,
Вспомнилась мне ты.
Что в груди теснилось
И звало куда-то,
Нынче вдруг приснилось
Розовым закатом.
Postat de rakhilalalarakhilalala la Vineri, 15/03/2019 - 19:29
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the night's stars grieve

The night's stars grieve
As pure as a tear
Witchcraft in the moonlight
Drink [the light] into my eyes again.
The sadness comes along the way again
And fate leaves
In our childhood, we ran barefoot
by the creek
A distance away from our dearest parts
With herbs and flowers
Within my sinking heart
I remembered you
Cramped in my chest
and be called somewhere
And I suddenly dreamed
of a pink sunset
Postat de rottenporcelainrottenporcelain la Vineri, 15/03/2019 - 20:52
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Andrew ParfenAndrew Parfen    Luni, 18/03/2019 - 09:14

I would say these lyrics are pretty nice! So unussual for this artist. And also they are kind of intricate. I had to read each stanza several times before getting the meaning. Well, I see you tried to inderstand it in your own way, so thank you for your trying!