خايفة- Khayfa (traducere în Engleză)


خايفة- Khayfa

انا خايفه منك او عليك .. مش عارفه خايفه
مش عارفه ايه اللي في عينيك .. مش عارفه خايفه
خايفه ..
يمكن من اللي جاي بكره .. ايام هنايا تبقى ذكرى
واللي ابتديته معاك يضيع .. وقلبي يتغير ويكره
خايفه ..
يمكن بخاف لتروح تعيش .. قلبك يضيع ما يحسنيش
وانا عمري وياك ابتدى .. قبلك عذاب بعدك ماليش
.أنا خايفة. خايفة.
انا خايفه تهرب منا .. اجمل ليالي عمرنا
نوصل نهاية الطريق .. من غير مانفهم بعضنا
خايفه ..
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I am afraid

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I am afraid of you or about you.. I don't know
i am afraid
I don't knos what's in your eyes (what are you thinking). I don't know. i am afraid.. Afraid
Maybe I am afraid of what is going to happen tomorrow..
Our happy days would be a memory. and what i started with you would be lost
And your heart would change and hate
I am afraid
Maybs I fear you would leave and live (away) Your heart get lost .. wouldn't feel me . Before you my life was torture. After you I don't have one
I am afrad. Afraid
I am afraid they would escape.. the best nights of our life
We reach the end of the way .. without understanding each other
I am afraid . Afraid.
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