La takhaf (لا تخاف) (traducere în Engleză)

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Don't worry about time

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Don't worry about time
Time has no security
Fear the one who has all your security in his hands and hope for him
If your beloved is not faithful to you
If your beloved betrays you
What can you hope for from time?
The result is clear 
We discover the bitter truth when the proper time comes
I told you don't act impulsively
You said: my love is will be preserved
So where is he who preserved your love?
I don't see him today
Your heart is your heart
Don't consider yourself guaranteed
Don't apologize for your needs
We all lack affection
Every one of us is a child hoping for anyone to hold us
We build the world
And we stand in the same place
Unfortunately the loyalty we need is lacking with the passing of the times
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La takhaf (لا تخاف)

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