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Tell him yes

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Muriel , I know very well it's not my business
You kicked him out and I respect your decision
But he wanna come back .. Alright , I'm not gonna insist
He is my friend even though ! No , he didn't send me to you
This hurts me deeply , you were great together
Six years of companionship ,but I don't wanna stand up for him
After all what you have lived , I admit !It's a pity
And I'm not gonna tell you how much he suffers, This would be blackmail
Muriel , I beg you
I beg you
Tell him yes
Since you left him , he lives with me
I can't endure him anymore , Muriel , hel me
He always wanna talk , and talk about himself
The discussion is to listen to him & say "yes"
The only calm time is when he writes you (letter)
But the poems of five pages , then he reads them to me
He tells me about your story in every details
About what happens on your bed since your engagement time
I'm a gentleman , I'm not gonna repeat it , it's intimate
Reassure yourself Murel .. You little mischievous
He goes & comes back the night any hour
He rummages through my room while I'm sleeping
I was almost close to have a heart attack , I still have pain in my arm
He pretended to be sleepwalking so that I don't berate him
You know , he is a good guy but I don't wanna influence you
He earns alot in his life , Two is better for the rent ( to pay it )
Let's face it , You are not terrible either
Look at yourself in a mirror , Muriel , You have to be clear-sighted
Well .. He has some mistakes , he cheated on you . It's true
With your mother , ok . But don't always try to be the victim
Muriel , my kid , I'm helping you because I love you
But it won't work out if you don't help me
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Dis-lui oui

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