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Love for rent

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Today at around 5 I'm seeing her
I don't know what's waiting for me
Maybe from 8 she's with somebody else
Love is unfair...
ntreb: Now, that I've come so far, I want to ask you
Do you love me or did you forget about me, who's the guilty one?
I have a love not give(to offer) not to rent
I wonder who charmed you when you left me
I with you, you know very well how much I spent( as in spending money)
I know you didn't have the courage to tell me
That you'll leave without me
I know you want to be his lover/baby/sweetheart/ETC
But what about me?
Now, that I've come so far, I want to ask you:
You were with me, you used me
Now you're fine, you forget about me
I would like with you, a night I would like with you
ai luat inima. You know very well that you took away my heart
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Dragoste de închiriat