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girl from Drenica

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everytime you look at me oh drenush
your beauty kills me as if with a gun
i hear this cifteli (Albanian instrument like the mandolin)
and i have started to sing a song for you (along with it)
i am dressed well
maybe i can change your mind
come let's go out
eagle of the mountain
come on let's go
let's say itall together
'cause i love you as much as that Albanian princess
i love you as much as the flute
as much as Drenica, as much as Rugova
if you want even count all of Kosova
as much as Prishtina, and Gjakova (cities)
Ferizaj and all of Kosova
give our word i have given you my oath
i speak of what i have, i want to give you my life
when you walk along the road
your eyebrow like the wing of the eagle
syni keq kurr mos me t`pa
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