Helloween - A Tale That Wasn't Right


A Tale That Wasn't Right

Here I stand all alone
Have my mind turned to stone
Have my heart filed up with ice
To avoid it's breakin' twice
Thank to you, my dear old friend
But you can't help, this is the end
Of a tale that wasn't right
I won't have no sleep tonight
In my heart,in my soul
I really hate to pay this toll
Should be strong,young and bold
But the only thing I feel is pain
It's alright,we'll stay friends
Trustin' in my confidence
And let's say it's just alright
You won't sleep alone tonight
With my heart, with my soul
Some guys cry you bought and sold
They've been strong,young and bold
And they say,play this song again
[Solo Licks Mike]
Postat de sleipnir la Joi, 22/09/2011 - 18:47
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Поздравявам всички български преводачи с тази моя любима песен...
Благодаря Ви !!!



marinos25    Duminică, 09/09/2012 - 22:35

"Submitters comment" from Bulgarian into English: can someone translate, please? Wink smile
Ok, found it with google translator (please don't use web translators for translations here!!!):
"I congratulate all Bulgarian translators with my favorite song ...
Thank you!" 8)