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Trailer Music

Sitting on a bus
She saw a man named Ross
She thought
Not a man to trust
His nose is much too big
Waiting for the train
He saw a girl Elaine
He said
This must be insane
She wears too much perfume
She turns her iPod on
Listens to her song
But I swear there's something wrong
The bus is much too loud
He starts to read the Sun
A story on a nun
It says she does it just for fun
The train gets very fast
I'm reaching for the phone
I hear the ringtone
She's staring at her face
Searching for his glasses
A dark figure passes
She whispers in my ear
Did you see it too?
But they don't
They don't know where they're bound
Their thoughts will
Their thoughts will turn around
Simple twisted pain
With trembling heart's rain
Starts to activate
Something I never felt
The figure in the dark
Lights a huge star
They call him mister Love
He's working on the train
Taken by surprise
She looks into his eyes
Then they realise
"He's handing me the phone"
Now they see
They see where they are bound
What was
Is really found
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