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Handsome is always handsome

dad wanted a rich one
mom was hoping for a lovely one
i only for a handsome one
the best of all
oh mom and dad
i think you might have received
when you knew so well
divorce is not ok for us
but the ground is white in winter
when autumn comes it's black
to protect the mountain*
i write new gold*
(* these sentences are weird in finnish too, so dont be confused about the translations if anyone has better suggestions how to translate those phrases, auttakaa.. )
dad wanted a rich one
but i only a rich one
my mum hoped for a dear one
but handsome is always handsome
a poor person can always be turned into rich
(* i cannot find the right english word...)
rich can be turned into dear
but does (s)he have a handsome/goodlooking body
iron clangs(?) too, if you hit it with a hammer
what kind of a new love/darling will one search beside him/her
handsome is always handsome
rich one gets poor
dear one loses weight
but the handsome stays the same
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Komia on aina komia

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