Las Mariposas (traducere în Engleză)

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Las Mariposas

And to my rumba* I want you to dance
And that you lose control; girl stop thinking,
Because life will poison you if you don't stop racking your brains
And in my rumba* I want you to feel special,
And that you walk with honor and not cry anymore,
Because the dark things, with my rumba*, we will change for sure
And the love, the butterflies, we both feel,
When we dance and I sing to you my love,
That you leave your sorrows behind in the mailbox
And the contaminating love but in another color,
The rainbow of our hearts
And I lost tradition** in a street gathering
And in my rumba* I want you to shine like the sun,
Without any problems or pain, that you leave room for reason,
Step by step slowly we walk, because you know that I love you
And in my rumba* I want your being to want to fly,
Come with me to dance by my side until the end,
Because your dark things, with my rumba*, we will change without thinking about it
And the love of ours, the love broke itself
And I know already that time always makes us forget
And if you win it seems as if you've lost, and you realize that everything is over now
Oh oh oh oh come with me and I know already,
And if you like, we can be more than friends,
We'll roam all around Paris and even Egypt,
With my little rumba*, I have given you freedom.
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Las Mariposas

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