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Le Diner

I don't want to go to that dinner
I don't feel up to it, I'm tired
They won't mind, come on let's not go
Anyway I need to go on a diet, my shirt's too tight
I look like a chipolata
I can't go out like that
That's nothing to do with it, I really like your friends
But I don't want to see them because I don't feel like it
We couldn't care less, we're not going
We've just got to hide oursleves under the sheets
We'll order some pizzas, you, the telly and me
We'll ring, we'll apologize, we'll improvise, we'll think of something
We've only got to tell your friends
That we don't like them and that's too bad
I'm not in the mood, everthing's getting me down and it so happens that
There's a fantastic film on telly this evening
A cinematic masterpiece which I'd like to see again, a highly commited drama
About the Saint-Tropez police
It's a social satire whose central character is played by Funes
And what's more there's aliens
We couldn't care less, we're not going
On commandera des pizzas, toi la télé et moi,
On n'a qu'à dire à tes amis
I've got the shivers and I feel weak, I think I'm unwell
It wouldn't be sensible to go out now
I'd prefer not to take any risks, It could be contagious
It's better that I stay, I don't like it but it's for the best
You're calling me selfish, how dare you say that?
Me who's unhappy and miserable and I haven't even got 'home-cinema'
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Le dîner

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