Let's Go (traducere în Engleză)

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Let's Go

That's my tenth blow , one advice : get your system's sound louder
We're up ! With about ten years of memories in our minds , that's why we're smiling
Let's make a party , let's celebrate it , because we know that we're famous in Moscow , that we're chilling in Dubai & that kids of my homeland have my name stuck to their lips
Come on , hurry up , give us the money ( ah ah ) , life is full of surpises ( ah ah )
Nobody hears you , nobody can stop you when you live with dreams & on holy earths
Now there are ups & downs , there are friends & fakes , no courage & no traitors
Trust me I worth it , it's for the love of the game , my heart's calling you .
If only you knew all the risks I've taken , all the crazy things I've done , how many times I've played with my life ,
I've pushed the success until its limits , that's not my game , I abuse with rabbies , I've prayed in my jail , hey
Come on , open the Champagne , Homie come on , open the Champagne , let's say it's because of life we got kicked out , because we've been about to break our legs too many times !
& It feels good , it's the proof we're going ahead , we pill up throphees thinking about tomorrow , we're proud of the past ,
But we live for the future without ever forgetting where we come from ,
Being able to help poors is having to be rich , if you have nothing you can't help anyone ,
Thanks for these ten years , cape money baby , big day for the family .
Okay , thanks to everybody that's with us from the beginning .
Ten years already ..
Yeah .
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