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Impossible Mission

Lamp in the dark, love in the heart
And passion on my lips
You were the sun of life
In the sea, the truth is lied about (No clue if that's actually correct, or if I just completely missed some other type of meaning?)
But I didn't see it then
Now, like a robot I roam all alone
To only love you (as programmed)
Not more beautiful, not better than you, ever
Know that I'll never have (In English, this sentence structure wouldn't make sense. Basically, you can translate it to "Know that I'll never have anyone more beautiful or better than you, ever)
And if you're not around me my whole life
I'll deplore myself bitterly
Now like no other to me
Your beauty shines in the night
I know now for you to return to me (is an)
Impossible mission
If only I could turn back time
Fix mistakes in life
I know I'd be able to find your worthless heart
And means to bring you happiness
To always hold you near me.
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Nemoguca misija

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