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Te Extraño

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time goes by and I'm still like this
longing that you'd be in my arms without having you
and I search for a way out, not to see myself like this
oh, how far away from my side your love is from me
I cry and I cry when I know that you're gone
with my lips mami, look, I wanna kiss you
and I try and I try not to feel like this
but it's bad to know that you no longer love me
look how much I'm suffering
I'm burning inside, to feel your love
mami, don't do this to me
you know I love you with all my heart
I love you and miss you I wanna see you next to me
holding hands and be next to you
but it kills my conscience to know that you're not here
Me duele tanto saber que ya no eres para mi
y ese lindo cuerpesito que contigo comparti
me duele tanto saber que ya no eres para mi
te extraño
Mira(ay mira)como estoy sufriendo(como estoy sufriendo)
mami(ay mami)no me hagas eso(hay no me hagas eso)
you know I love you
(how you're killing me inside)
with all my heart
how much it hurts mami, not seeing you close to me
and I had your love, that love got me living
how much it hurts mami, how much I like you mami
oh, love
why are you making me suffer, it shouldn't be this way
please gime love that I can't live without you
how much I miss you mami
don't you see I'm dying inside, no no no no no no
me quemo por dentro,por sentir tu amor(por sentir tu amor)
sabes que te quiero(que te quiero)
nay nay nay nay nay nay na na
me quemo por dentro(let me touch you),
mami(ay mami)no me hagas eso(ay no me hagas eso)
con todo el corazon(i know it's xtreme,xtreme)
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Te extraño