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You still love me

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explain the reason why you dont look me in the face
it would be that you don't want to notice you keep loving me
your eyes show passion and false feelings
by the fact that you reject me while you die on the inside
you know well that you can't foget me and much less (cheat on me/decieve me)
still, another man has not been born who can love you
if before love was made up, i was already loving you
neither the love of romeo and julet became so great
i leave you to be sincere and and i confess, i don't lie to you: i miss you
and grief that elapsed so much time, i still keep your picture
and where will this love go, (each little ilusion??), i ask myself constantly
i know that i fail but your pride and your attitude prevent me from recuperating
you deny to feel love, hidden the passion, and you also reject me
with me you won't be able to, i know you better, you still love me...
it doesn't matter that today you move away from me; tomorrow you will miss me
You won't forget Romeo… uh uh!
Too strong
today you disguise what you feel for me and very willing to overcome it
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