Bushido - Zeiten ändern sich (traducere în Engleză)

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Times change

Ghetto story, ghetto boy, this man was quite broke
Unfortunately MTV was not playing any of my videos
No money, no routine, drawing numbers at the job center
Wish to work, no chance, the consumption of pot started
Always calculating: What can I buy in Lidl?
Today I could buy the whole store of Lidl!
If you have money, you have a meaning
This s*ckers wanted to seize my flat
I buy a villa and I can also give my flat to D-Bo
Times change, back then I had not a single penny
Today Kay almost always tells me: "Please lend me some bills, Anis!"
Time for tennis, time for golf, time for nothing, time to shop
EGJ ErisguterJunge, I walk into the office, time to bully
Back then Mum worked at the backery
Today she has so much money, she could be a rapper herself
F*ck the tax office, the pump gun, the wardrobe, d*mn
I recharge, the balance at the bank makes me sick
You laughed at me, you monsters have talked, I haven't given a d*mn
Have you c*nts woken up? See, I sell something, 500.000, awesome, buy myself the dream castle
Times change!
Who cares? You wrong sl*ts have talked, I have given't a d*mn
Yes they hear the sound from the prison, I seel something, 500.000, awesome, this here is my dream castle
Ghetto story, ghetto boy, sonny was the boss in the block
You ask me "What's the time" and "sh*t, what does it cost?"
Back then the asocial, who searches for rich girls
Today the asocial the rich girls search for
Just keep talking, Martine, I wear some sh*t
Today I walk into my wardrobe
I wear designer clothes, it wasn't always like this
Back then we lived in two rooms with five persons
I am taxpayer, a BMW with all-wheel
My mother knew nothing - dealing was my everyday life
F*ck the law, the money was scarce
F*ck Günter Jauch, I already got the million
Who am I? King Bushido!
I am no businessman, Ers-guter-junge, I have a business, man!
Those are 200.000 and those 200.000-chains, I could simply buy them!
Ghetto story, ghetto boy, criminal blood
That's my attitude and not just any try
I am simply not ready for it
And I got the sh*t into my trunk
And bought these drugs by night
Look under your pillow
10.000 Euro, but before I leave
I will still kiss your head
I think back and yes, it's worth it, to wait for this
I have a house and garden, 10.000 sold tickets, yeah!
How could I have anticipated what happens today?
And I never thought that I loose my friends this way
That's my way of thinking, who wants to discuss?
I see red and come with the herd like a bull
Still the same, today I'll only talk about the truth
I never wanted to fit into your picture, I gave d*mn for it
And this gangster is not interested in what you say
Got all prizes, times change!
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