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I know

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They say that you are happy with her
that you even changed your number
You're bragging about living like a God
that's nice
And when you got it all sorted
don't, do not call me
when you leave her
be fair at least to one
it would be nice
I know very well how it is with her
I even knew your new number before she did
you would've lied to her for a long time
if she hadn't found my picture
I know that you're the same as before
your hand still shivers and heart beats fast when you're calling me
admit that the name that's written
is not of your ex but your life *
They say that you are happy with her
that you've made your dreams come true
and that she is everything to you
But who are you trying to deceive?
And I truly know that you call me only
when you're left alone
I should defeat the shame
and tell her everything
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Znam ja

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