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Conceded in to my shell

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It gets hard to keep silent
instead shouting out my head off
And resort to myself
that already left out in the cold
It gets hard to count
lots of uncertainity
And able to cling to you
though after all you did
Tell me, if you feel cold off me
then let us the windowns of my heart closed
Which i have left to slide
untidy , like us
at the times you are not in love with me
I resigned to keep silent
I did not shead tears, I did not **
just resigned to silence
at the times you not in love with me
I resigned to keep silent
It's cold, still getting cold
I resigned to silence
It gets hard to hook a breath without you
And to let the love to survive
despite your inhospitable behaviours
You are a lie left behind you
that i can still love
** its understood already cried. denying to impress even cried, will or did it silently.
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just semantic translation to let you feel it right. do not take into consideration while trying to learn Turkish language


Alıştım Susmaya