Al' je ladno (traducere în Engleză)

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But it's cold

Entirely below zero, my ears are numb
my crew cools itself down with a beer soufflé
With difficulty I roll a joint because I don't feel my arms
So we light it up to break our trip
With white scarf and hat by the lot
The cops don't pull on me, even they are cold
So they circle the block very slowly
But they don't see a thing because their windows are fogged
I'm here every day already for many days
and I don't care, brother, if there's snow or rain
It breaks the mind, it'll never stop
The adders make their mark in the snow when it falls
And that wind that follows me, will it ever stop?
It can't understand, I won't give it a wallpaper
Stacks or corners don't help you, brother
When the winds stop the blocks go barren
Eh, but it's cold, but it's cold
but it's cold, but it's cold
The wind blows the joints at me
I constantly need to cool the treadmill
Oh, but it's cold, but it's cold
but it's cold, but it's cold
The wind blows the joints at me
I constantly need to cool the treadmill
Unbearable minus Celsius, as cold as Siberia
But my heart is warm when I'm surrounded by my band
Until the day of judgment it will stay that way
Here I grew up as a kid, here I'll die as an old timer
Nothing is forcing us, not the cold squally wind nor the rain
May it suck Mrkaljia's neighbor's cock
Nor the rats who spy, nor the harsh winter
which always freezes our beers
My autumn has long arrived
Finding shelter is a needless effort
It constantly follows me after I take every new step
Fuck it and it's mother, it always feels like going with me
I crush the tickets through my empty pockets
I curse the gloomy grey autumn rains
that bring winds that bother the people who have large heads
and that drenches the ball of my foot because of the deep marshes
I don't care for newspapers, or for world news
My focus publicly is now on the wind
It bothers me greatly, within earshot is
a ketpo who I only stare at while he's ripping his banknotes
I don't know what to do, my wallet's getting thin
when already it must scar me as my tribute gets smaller
I'm forced to cool off, when the days are cold
It throws me into a fula, so I have to see take myself out
Fixed at the sky, I wait for the flock to return
Quickly return birdies, my hours are passing by
My dealer is waiting, but he can't understand
How do I explain to him how the wind shortens me?
We wind, certainly, so our eggs call
Until that youth nowadays sinks under in a whirlpool
we'll be writing lyrics, filling the casings
Anyone who calls us "stoners" are mud flaps on the ground
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Al' je ladno

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