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Everything is possible

[Part 1: Karuzo]
I am, how I am, because I can't be differently
How I became, what I am, is actually none of your damn business
But somehow the words flow out of my mouth
Won't wear my heart my sleeve, no, I chew it and spit it out
What do you want to hear, that my mom didn't love us?
That my father faced suicide more than one time?
That I good-heartedly trusted those people
And that they misused that trust? Just great, huh?
That my dad missed his train back then
Just like the truck on the Autobahn, at night
That my mom could never show me how much
She loves me deep inside and even today it is hard for her
That I always had the feeling to be alone
That I thought, that when I die, no one would cry
I said, you would never get the story
Yet still it lies in front of me on the table now
(Hook: Karuzo) [x2]
In my world everything is possible
Water flows uphill and flower blossom eternally, eternally
The world stands still, but one thing never changes
The heroes die, because they deserve it the least
[Part 2: Karuzo]
Do you want to hear, that I was a coward for many years?
That I chickened out, didn't defend myself?
That my cousin, who was almost like a bigger brother
Died painfully with no more than twenty years from his tumor?
That I often ran away from home as a little boy
I for years woke up in clinics and slept there?
That I rap, so my dad isn't homeless
That I can't continue sometimes, because it fucks me so much
And still I get out of bed every morning and bear my cross
On some days laughing and on some whining
But I don't mind, because the shit makes invulnerable
I don't need anything, except for a goddamn wonder
Dream of golden chains and zero problems
But unfortunately it's differently
I dream of golden chains and a calm life
But sadly I don't get out of here, yoa
(Hook: Karuzo) [x2]
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Alles möglich

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