Alpha and omega

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Meanings of "Alpha and omega"


The essence or most important features.
In the Christian world: the beginning and the end (used as a title for Jesus).
(ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Najvažniji deo nečega, bitan element. Sve i sva. Početak i kraj svega. Alfa i omega.

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"Alpha and omega" în versuri

National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Hymn to Liberty

98. He says, hearken "I'm your Father
Alpha and Omega both <fn>Book of Revelation 1:8, 21:6, 22:13 - I am the Alpha and Omega</fn>
speak out, where shall ye take cover

George Farrow - It's All In Him

And it's all in Him!

The Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the end,
The Living Word incarnate, The helpless sinners friend,

Christian Hymns & Songs - You are Alpha & Omega

You are Alpha and Omega
we worship You our Lord
You are worthy to be praised

Themis Adamantidis - The King

I want for you, I to be (your)king
Your heart to belong to me
your alpha and omega to be me
you to be my queen

12os pithikos - Rules

Third rule, and hear it well, do not ever think to play fag to your friend,because acquaintances are many but friends are few,in the end while im outgrowing they remind me every day.
Forth rule's for the money,everybody ask for them the motherfucking they are sweet but look dont sell your dreams for them because then you will cry bitter and it will be too late.
Fifth rule one of the most important your family is above all do you hear me? The alpha and omega of that love cannot be compared the blood water does not become.
So rule number six, do not let anyone play with emotions, even if behind your back they'll beat you,pulse your teeth and fuck them all and step always at your feet.

Johnny Cash - When The Man Comes Around

Voices callin', voices cryin'.
Some are born and some are dyin'.
It's alpha and omega's kingdom come,
And the whirlwind is in the thorn tree.

Sami Yusuf - You

Are the One I call Creator
My Alpha and Omega
My Protector and my Maker

Lizha James - You Are Yahweh

You are Yahweh
Alpha and Omega

Spekti - Macho Fantastico

And they are amazed (lit. they stop breathing)

A center point, alpha and omega of everything, the forbidden apple of the paradise.
Girl be aware you don't break yourself, regards

Krystyna Prońko - You Are Medicine for All Evil

You are medicine for all evil
and hope for next year
You are the alpha and omega
the hymn and the carol

High Contrast - Shotgun Mouthwash

It's the beginning of the end
So you might as well set fire to your friends
But it ain't alpha and omega
It's just Nintendo and Sega

Nachtmahr - Alpha and Omega

Spoken: ("You will never be alive or dead, sleep will be unknown to you, violence your constant companion, devoured by the lust for power")

Zena (Belarus) - Space

People are birds and of little faith
Oh, manners, oh, manners.
Time of alpha and omega
We're so tired of running

Gaither Vocal Band - Alpha and Omega

He is the Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the End
The Son of God, the King of Kings
Lord of lords, He's Everything

Olamide - Radio Lagos

Won mo relationship ti mo ni pelu Alfa (Alfa)

Alpha and Omega
Oluwa ni Ultimate

Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around

Voices calling, voices crying
Some are born and some are dying
It's alpha and omega's kingdom come
And the whirlwind is in the thorn tree

Olamide - Radio Lagos

They don’t know the relationship I have with the Alpha [God]

Alpha and Omega
The Lord is the Ultimate

Sara Reljic - And even

Alpha and omega
that's who I really am
expert for male code
and you're not related to angels

Theocracy - I Am

I am the vast volumes of knowledge, spanning all across the earth
I am the whisper of the wind you feel, but cannot see
I am the alpha and omega, first and last, eternally

Israel Houghton - Alpha & Omega

You are alpha and omega
We worship you our lord
You are worthy to be praised