Amaro - Amor De Antes (traducere în Engleză)

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Love From Before

(Hahaha, Amaro, Plan B, Woah, Real G4 Life, baby
Wuu...I used to wander around when I remembered you...Eyy Love...remembered you...Lalalalalala)
I recognise you
I've seen you before
I know who you are
Tell me if I'm right
You walk through my memories
If you were to help me
It'd be easier for me to figure out
If there was something between you and me
Or if it was just simply a friendship
Sorry, I'm not sure of your name
Or all that could've happened
To me you look like someone
Who I tried to look for a long time ago
Na, na, na, na
I used to wander around when I remembered you
na, na, na, naaaa
ouoo yei yee (2X)
You're that friend of Julieta's and Roxana's
Amaro introduced us at your sister's birthday
I was the one who was looking at you, the boy who wanted you
And you just an inexperienced girl
But as the night went on and the drink flowed more freely1
Whilst everyone was enjoying themselves, you escaped with me
Now I remember you repeating that you liked it
Scared, in case your parents came to look for you
For a kiss, we went far way from the house
I gave you my number, but I didn't get a call...
I've not seen you for a long time
But I still want you
You don't lose [anything] if you try
I'm in such a bad way, no offence (but)
It's just that my memory doesn't remember
It's a love since childhood
We can enjoy it now that we're adults
(Now, there's no mercy)
Don't complain to me anymore and we're going to do it
People are saying that soon the world is going to end (hahaha!)
I tried to look for you and I never knew
(Anything) about you, I don't know what happened, I had no luck then
Sorry if in passing I don't remember you
You're all grown up baby, a long time has passed
To become mine since that day
Baby you left me in agony
I'm still mad for you
M-ad, to give you the punishment that you asked for
It's a pleasure to see you again
When I saw you, I thought whether it was you or not
You're pretty, you're beautiful
And smelling of Chanel (Amaro)
And who would've known2 that I'd find you again
I ended up loving a woman
I want to finish what I never ended
Kissing your skin...
You're love from before
Ashes of yesterday
You're fire from the past
That burns me again (2X)
I recognise you
I've seen you before
I know who you are
Tell me if I'm right
You walk through my memories
El Plan B
Amaro (Soou)
I used to wander around when I remembered you
(Na, na, na, na) Plan B (yo!)
Ñengo Flow (Real G4 Life)
Ey! (Slim like El Haze)
La society muy fuerte Durán “The Coach”3
(Tell me Chencho)
I hang around with the people from the New Generation:
Amaro, Ñengo Flow
The society that weighs the most4Pina Records
(Love and Sex) (hahaha)
Coming Soon
  • 1. lit. increased
  • 2. lit. said
  • 3. not a clue what this means...
  • 4. not sure about this...
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ArenaL5    Duminică, 26/05/2013 - 14:30

Whoa... you did it again. This is a book.

Very few comments in a first reading:

·I've really no clue about what "Ya no me reclame" means, but it looks like "Don't you complain me anymore" (maybe the reclame is a sloppily pronounced "reclames")

·I think you don't need "[The]", in "[the]" ashes of yesterday. It'd be great if you could get rid of "[a]" in the line above, but I don't know how.
There possibly are some other words that you could scrap to make lines shorter, but I can't judge that.


Actually, that's it. I can't find anything else. The part about "loco" translated as "mad" caught my attention as a literal translation... but possibly a liberal translation would make it different, not better. ("estoy loco por ti" it's really common in Spanish, used always "I'm head over heels for you". I guess you knew that, though)

So... there. Five stars, I can't really comment on this. For the verse at the end, it could as well be in Greek hahaha
'La society muy fuerte Durán "The Coach"' is very likely an in-joke with no real meaning, and "The society that weighs the most" could either be the most important, or the biggest, or the most influential... or anything, really. Maybe it doesn't even have a correct translation or it, not without the backstory at least.

This must be the most unhelpful rant ever. xD

Vimto12    Duminică, 26/05/2013 - 15:05

Oh this song made me cringe so much while I was translating it, I was almost tempted to stop halfway xD I enjoyed translating Nach much more...

- I think you're right about the 'reclame' bit, it makes more sense
- I don't even know why I put the 'the' there in the first place, it's gone now
- I can't think of a way to get rid of the 'a' so it can stay
- I can't bear to proofread this so the lines can stay as they are Tongue smile
- You can say 'I'm mad for you' to mean 'I'm head over heels for you' too, anyhow translating it literally was the least problematic way of translating it imo
- your rant was scintillating xD

Vimto12    Marţi, 13/08/2013 - 15:14

I finall got round to proofreading this properly xD


It'd be great if you could get rid of "[a]" in the line above, but I don't know how.

it's gone now, maybe there's a subtle difference in meaning but I can live with that