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Good Love

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Like a knife
in butter
you entered my life
when I was dying
Like the moonlight
coming in through the cracks
You got into
my pupils
And just like that I started
to love you daily
without any laws
without any timetables huhuh
And just like that you started waking me up
from every dream
you were in huhuh
And no one looked for it
And no one planned it this way
It was in my destiny
that you would be mine
And nobody would bet
that I could be so happy
but Cupid has pitied me
Like the rain
in the plain desert
You moistened my heart with hope
Sufficated my fears
Like a sweet voice
in the silence
That's how love got a hold of us
The good love
And nobody would bet
that I would be so happy
but Cupid has pitied me huhuh...
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Amor Del Bueno

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