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real love

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Just like a knife
Cuts so easy through butter
You entered my life
When I perished
Just how the moon light
Peeks through my window
That easy you entered
Into my eyes
And just like that
I began loving u daily
Following no law
No time no pace
And just like that
you woke me up
From every dream
In which you were
And nobody chose this
Nobody was searching for this
In destiny it was written
That you were meant for me
And nobody would have guessed
That I'd ever be this happy
But cupid....he pitied me
Just like the rain
Softens the desert
You softened my heart
You drowned all my fears
Just how a sweet voice
Arrives from silence
That's how sweet was the arrival of our love
True real love
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Amor Del Bueno

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gabriela.qh    Joi, 21/07/2016 - 18:19

When I perished literally means "cuando me morí." The translation you're looking for here is "while I was dying."