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Midnight has come long ago
You are tight asleep
The room is filled
With amazing moon light.
Behind the stove is a cricket
Under the floor is a mouse
And I'm not asleep - I'm madding
The amulet for you.
Burn can't fire it
Water can't sink it
And in strong snowstorm
It will bring you home.
You should keep it near to your heart Never take it off your chest
And any fight
Can't wound you
(It'll help you) With every illness
With a perfidy
There isn't any better safety
In every trouble. All spells
All wild herb
Distant stars I have the power of them now.
Darkness will not able come closer
Evil will not able to come
A sail will not able to be broken
And a ship will not be lost
In time of thunder.
Your hot horse
Won't let you down
And unfair trial
Will not able to dirt your honour.
You will pass trough seven seas
And in the foreigners' land
Seven winds will blow against you
And wolves pack
Will round up you.
A crow will be flying in the sky
It will bring a bad sigh.
But with invisible power
With belief you will be saved
From a secret trip
From a hissing snake
From a wrongful pain
From loneliness and sad thoughts
From the night fear
And a flying arrow
My love will hide you
And will able to fight
With a trouble...
(It's made) Of sleepless nights
Of tears and of stinging nettle
Of mandrake's roots
Of soft feathers of an owl
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Amulet (Амулет)

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