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Ang Cariñosa (traducere în Engleză)

  • Artist: Steampianist Artiști prezenți: GUMI
  • Cântec: Ang Cariñosa
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The Cariñosa

You told me I'm the only one you will love
But it's the opposite I feel
Still my heart continues
To believe in our promises
Oh God, how did it come to this?
Is it my fault?
It's like I'm being resented
I pray for my sanity's sake
That I would not be met with disappointment
I just want to ask, who is it that you really want?
Through I pray that there is no one else
I just want to ask, even if I already know the answer
Stop the doubt
I trust that I am the only one you love
The oncoming outbursts of emotion is halted
By this blooming purple on my face
Givеn by you when I once made a mistakе
To ask that I be your one and only
Under the moon I witnessed everything, and...
The reason of your frequent escapades
No matter, my beloved, you're forgiven
You don't need to explain anymore
I still love you so
I just want to ask, who is it that you really want?
Through I pray that there is no one else
I just want to ask who this coquette is
Stop the doubt
You murdered the trust that I fostered
A nipa hut and because it's small
Those gathered there can barely fit
A boy, a head, and The Mother's arm
There is no more place for the brother
Look at the perverse witch
She's not worthy of you
While I'm here languishing every day
I won't wait for heaven's judgement
Remember, you promised me
It's the two of us
Who will be together until the end
I just want to ask if this is love
If you're not mine, no one else can have you
Blood that made your heart beat
That loved me before
Now it's splashed all over the ceiling, walls, and floor
Your heart that you promised me
I deservedly took it back
In my hands, it will beat forevermore
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Ang Cariñosa

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