Ani Esh (אני אש) (traducere în Engleză)

traducere în Engleză

I am fire

I am fire, I am wind
Unfamiliar, unknown
I am a road that passes
and returns to you
I am a wave, I am sea-foam
And a tear that is flowing
Down my face, take a look
Come closer to me
And Here I am, sleeping alone
weaving dreams for myself
And here I am, I know that you
Cannot be
I come, you walk away
I die, you are breathing without me
And my life is empty
You make me become
The little boy I was on the Kibbutz
How I loved running to you back then
come closer to me
And here I am...
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Ani Esh, ani ru-akh
Lo mukar, lo yadua
Ani shvil she over
ve khozer elayikh
Ani gal, ani ketzef
ve dim'a she yoredet
Al panai histakli
hitkarvi elai

Ve hine ani kvar yashen levad
ve rokem le atzmi khalomot
Hine ani yode'a she at
lo yekhola lihiyot

Ani ba, at holekhet
Ani met, at noshemet bil'adai
Ve khayai hem reikim
Ve at goremet li lihiot
kmo ha yeled ba kibbutz
Eikh ahavti az larutz elayich
Hitkarvi elai

Ve hine ani...


Ani Esh (אני אש)

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